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Globoke misli & misel dneva & stuff


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Dragi moji, vključno z Ninč-iko, brez seksa ni življenja. Če vam to ni jasno, mal prelistajte osnovnošolske zvezke iz biologije!

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O tej temi je veliko imel za povedat tudi tetle možakar:



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Seks je kot zrak: ni pomemben, dokler ga ne zmanjka !

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The bicycle is the slow death of the planet.
General Director of Euro Exim Bank Ltd. got economists thinking when he said:
"A cyclist is a disaster for the country's economy: he does not buy cars and does not borrow money to buy. He does not pay for insurance policies. He does not buy fuel, does not pay for the necessary maintenance and repairs. He does not use paid parking. He does not cause serious accidents. He does not require multi-lane highways. He does not get fat.
Healthy people are neither needed nor useful for the economy. They don't buy medicine. They do not go to hospitals or doctors. Nothing is added to the country's GDP (gross domestic product).
On the contrary, every new McDonald's restaurant creates at least 30 jobs: 10 cardiologists, 10 dentists, 10 dietary experts and nutritionists, and obviously, people who work at the restaurant itself."
Choose carefully: cyclist or McDonald's? It is worth considering.
P.S. Walking is even worse. Pedestrians don't even buy bicycles.
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Ob 21. 6. 2021 ob 21:15, Frenk 67 pravi:

May be an image of text

se strinjam - ni vse ..včasih je treba tud f***t..

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pred 3 minutami, VS800 pravi:


in all shapes :P


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