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    • solorider
      By solorider
      Da se ne bomo motili ali gre za stari ali novi model! Lahko pa tudi iz stare teme prestavimo del debate v to temo!

    • bambi
      By bambi
      Naslednje leto pride obnovljen model BMW R1150 GS (2004)
    • Špilferderber
      By Špilferderber
      malce prehitevam po sredini..

      "...the R1200GS Adventure will be released in early 2006... Obviously Mr.BMW was reluctant to part with too many details, but he says he's received pictures of the 12ADV from BMW and he says he personally likes it a lot (big surprise)... It will have a similar lattice type frame to the 1200HP2 running through/into the body panels, a reworked more robust swing arm, a bloody huge +/-35 liter tank that does away with the clip on side panels of the 1200GS, a reworked engine of course, a re-worked rear rack/handle and interestingly the hard luggage will be aluminium and made by Touratech... Apparently BMW have realised that Touratech make shed loads of money doing aftermarket parts for BMW and it makes sense to get them to do OEM luggage for a BMW bike rather than compete with them...

      Anyway, that's mostly the gist of what we discussed and since it was pretty much straight from the horses mouth I'd be surprised if it's too far from the truth..."

    • jama1100
      By jama1100
      Kupil sem leto starBMW 1200 C zanimajo me izkušnje tako dobre kot slabe lastnikov tega lepotca
    • motolover
      By motolover
      Športni bokser po stari recepturi.
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