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Kawasaki Z 750


2006 Kawasaki Z750S — Owner's Manual


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Kawasaki sledi uspehu nakeda Z1000 in za prihajajočo sezono predstavlja njegovega manjšega brata: Z750...




Following the stunning success of Kawasaki's brilliant Z1000 super-Naked, Kawasaki proudly presents the new Z750, a middleweight Naked sports bike aimed at a broad range of riders and riding applications. Although the Z750 retains much of the Z1000's aggressive attitude and in-your-face styling, this sporty machine has a new look and personality all its own. Offering an unbeatable combination of responsive power, lightweight handling and dynamic styling, this new machine gives customers a new kind of "Z" performance.

Class-leading engine performance comes from a 748 cc liquid-cooled In-Line Four equipped with electronic fuel injection, a first for its class. Based on the high-performance Z1000 engine, this power plant delivers high power over a broad powerband. Other noteworthy technology includes an all-stainless exhaust system with stylish oval muffler, LED instrumentation, and lightweight new wheels that share their design with the Ninja ZX-10R. Riders will love the Z750's responsive handling. In town, on the highway or in the twisties, the Z750's light-handling "stiffness-balanced" chassis and brilliant throttle response make this lightweight sports bike a joy to ride.

The Z750's key features can be summarised as follows:

Exciting Engine Performance - Based on the awesome Z1000 engine, the liquid-cooled 748 cc In-line Four pumps out a broad spread of smooth, linear power across the rev range, a characteristic which riders of all skill levels will appreciate. The Z750 is also the first machine in its class to offer fuel injection. The high-tech automotive system features dual throttle valves and fine atomising injectors to deliver smooth throttle response, excellent fuel economy and low exhaust emissions.

Rider-Responsive Handling Characteristics - Developed around a modified Z1000 frame, the Z750's stiffness-balanced chassis allows riders of all skill levels to enjoy the bike's responsive handling characteristics. Sturdy front suspension and linkage-equipped rear suspension deliver a smooth ride and excellent road holding qualities, while triple disc brakes deliver impressive stopping power. Ridden hard or easy, this machine never loses its composure.

Relaxed Riding Position - The combination of an ergonomically crafted seat and tank and an ideal relationship between seat, pegs and handlebars makes the Z750 one of the most comfortable middleweight sports bikes on the market today, making the Z750 a great bike for a wide range of riders.

Sporty New "Z" Look - Although the Z750 retains many of the attractive styling cues of the Z1000, since the bike is aimed at younger, middleweight sports customers, including intermediate riders and ladies, its visual appeal is lighter and fresher than that of the Z1000.



Responsive Z1000-based liquid-cooled engine with efficient 4-valve, DOHC cylinder head displaces 748 cc from a bore and stroke of 68.4 x 50.9 mm.

Z1000-based cylinder head features re-shaped intake and exhaust ports, a modified combustion chamber and adjusted valve pitch to suit the reduced bore size.

The class's only electronic fuel injection system delivers brilliant throttle response across a wide, smooth powerband.

34 mm throttle bodies with dual throttle valves and automotive-style fine-atomising injectors deliver instant cold starting, excellent power characteristics and good fuel consumption.

4-into-1 stainless-steel exhaust system mates to a stylish oval-section muffler.

Header pipes #1 and #4, and #2 and #3 are joined to give smooth throttle response at all rpm.

Large, Z1000 radiator eliminates the need for an oil cooler, resulting in a more compact, cleaner engine package. Quiet-running ZX-12R-type ring fan helps reduce noise.

Smooth-shifting 6-speed transmission has a gear for every situation, from low-speed city traffic to high-speed highway use.



The Z750's stable handling qualities also come from the Z1000, although the frame's stiffness balance has been modified to suit the 750 engine and to deliver lightweight, responsive handling characteristics across a broad range of riding applications.2

Stiff, box-section swingarm helps to reduce chassis flex and contributes to the bike's excellent road-holding qualities.

Front Suspension

Sturdy 41 mm fork delivers a supple ride and gives excellent steering feedback across the speed range.

Rear Suspension

Linkage-equipped rear gas shock features 4-way rebound damping and 7-way preload adjustability for a smooth ride and excellent road holding qualities.

Lightweight aluminium suspension linkage reduces chassis weight and contributes to the responsive rear suspension action.


Dual 300 mm front discs operated by twin-pot callipers deliver confidence-inspiring stopping performance in town and on the highway.

The lightweight 220 mm rear disc is operated by a lightweight single-pot calliper.



Natural riding position makes it easier for riders to reach the ground with their feet.

This confidence-inspiring quality will prove especially popular with intermediate riders and ladies.

An ideal relationship between pegs, seat and handlebars gives a spacious and relaxed riding position that helps reduce fatigue, even on long highway rides.

Elegantly waisted rear tank section makes it easy for riders to grip the bike with their knees.


Horizontal ducts on either side of the cowl create an "air curtain" which reduces wind buffeting at higher speeds and improves rider comfort. This patented feature is available only from Kawasaki.



a.. Compact bikini cowl contributes to the Z750's fresh new look. Smaller than the Z1000's unit, the new cowl's shape is also unique to the Z750. b.. Attractively sculpted seat cowl and bodywork give the Z750 exciting new lines. c.. Optional single-seat cover can replace the tandem seat to give the bike a more aggressive image. d.. No other machine in its category offers an oval-section muffler. The appearance of the brushed-finish centre section is complemented by the highly polished end caps. e.. The surface treatments combine glossy and matt finishes that further enhance the Z750's sporty image. f.. Independent passenger footpeg brackets give the bike a lighter look and make it easy to fit after-market parts. g.. Gold-coloured engine bolts will also be used for added contrast and to enhance the machine's high-quality appearance. 7 Wheels a.. New front and rear wheels feature a six-spoke design with "H" cross-section spokes. This lightweight and stylish design is also used on the Ninja ZX-10R wheels. Instruments a.. Lightweight instrument cluster featuring a perimeter LCD tachometer and digital LCD speedometer in addition to a digital temp gauge, clock, tripmeter, fuel gauge and a comprehensive range of indicator lamps is very compact and stylish, and shares its design with the high-performing Ninja supersport bikes. Red LED enhances both readability and aesthetics. ADDITIONAL FEATURES Styling/Engine

Designed for litre-class performance, the Z1000 base engine ensures high reliability and long-term durability.

Use of KLEEN (Kawasaki Low Exhaust Emission) catalyser system helps keep exhaust emissions environmentally friendly. Metal honeycomb catalyser helps ensure that emissions meet Euro II regulations.


Ample fuel tank capacity gives the Z750 a long cruising range between fill-ups.

Environmentally friendly wheels eliminate lead balance weights in favour of less toxic steel weights.

lp -pero- :)

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Z1000 je mel vsaj gut avspuhe, vsaj za pogledat, ta pa še tega ne....

Mislm folk no.... že kestl zgleda kot bi bil motor že ene parkrat razbit, zadej lahko normalno pelješ edino koga iz vrtca al pa fakerja, k je že minimota navajen. Če si je že hyosung pr cometu 600 (650) prvošču upside-down vilce pa neko ABS varianto, zakaj potem tle šparajo.

Nej nardijo ZRX 750 pa tole mašino not vržejo... bi se boljš prodajal pomoje.




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Lustna zverinca. :D

Skoda, da nima na vsaki strani izpuh.

Samo, da bi se cena bila COOL pol bi se ga pa splacalo kupit.

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Ampak po lepoti se pa ne more primerjat s tastarim Z750 :)

Tko nekak zgleda tud moj, sam da je rdeč pa 650 z drugačno masko :D


Edited by uzzy

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Lušna zadevca!!! nikjer pa nisem zasledil moči motorja?!....trenutno vozim zr7, predhodnika z750, še stara zasnova motorja, pa me res zanimajo KM! Pa cena tudi, če se bo približnp ujemala z trenutno ceno zr7, bi skoraj skoraj... :D

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Lušna zadevca!!! nikjer pa nisem zasledil moči motorja?!......... Pa cena tudi, če se bo približnp ujemala z trenutno ceno zr7, bi skoraj skoraj... :D

Govora je bilo o 110KM; B) nekje na netu... cena pa po moji oceni ne bo pod 1.700.000 sit <_<

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Lušna zadevca!!! nikjer pa nisem zasledil moči motorja?!....trenutno vozim zr7, predhodnika z750, še stara zasnova motorja, pa me res zanimajo KM! Pa cena tudi, če se bo približnp ujemala z trenutno ceno zr7, bi skoraj skoraj... :D

* sem takoj pomislil na to da bi zr7 zamenjal ko sem to vidil, samo cena pa ne verjamem da bo niti približno enaka

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750 vs. 600

...mislm da bo mel Z-750 mal več navora v spodnem in srednjem območju in okol 90 konov, fz600 se bo pa mal bl

vrteu in bo mel nekaj konov več sam navor ne bo tak k pr 750, ...tko da če bo to to in če bodo vozne lastnosti prbližn

iste in cena z750 res malenkost nižja od fazerja...

...potem bo (držim pesti) padu........ z750 nero + "rear seat cover" + carbon wings ...pa "plate holder" gre dol

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Svetovni!!!!!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Kawasakiju se temeljita prenova modelov letos zelo obrestuje saj jim je prodaja drastično porasla. V Italiji npr. celo preko 80%, izključno zaradi nove "šestice" in Z 1000! Celo pri nas je Kawasaki na drugem mestu po prodaji(verjetno zaradi cen), takoj za Yamaho!!!

Napovedi za drugo leto so očitno še obetavnejše z prihodom Z750 in Ninje10!!!

Se obetajo Kawasakiju stari časi slave??? :D

Bobo B)

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I think I'm in love.... :wub:

Kot je že nekdo rekel... "to bi mene melo" B)

lp alena

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HUDOBIJA!! B) Pa se 750 je, ista reg. kot 600! :) Joj, mi bo se zal, da nisem kako leto pocakal, pa se kakih 100 jurjev skup spraskal. :rolleyes:


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...na te slikci se lepo vid zakaj men niso všeč ritke iz katerih gleda vn auspuh :rolleyes:

Edited by -pero-

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sj je ql motorcek, sam auspuh je pa prav gadn proti Z1000!! :( :angry: ko bi vsaj pod zadnji sedez ga dal, da bi vsaj nekok zgledal!!

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Tale motorček je pa lep. A obstaja kakšna slikica iz prve strani?

Meni pa se ravno pri 1000 ne dopadejo avspuhi! Mislim, da zaradi barve. To da so 4 je super,... ampak nekaj manjka.

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...nekaj veliiiiiikih slikic da boste od bližje pogledali... :D ...aja pa zna se mal nalagat tko da potrpte... :) *** obvestilo admina: tako velike slike ne lepite v forum, ampak samo dodajte link do njih!




Lp -pero- :)

Edited by Noise Data

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se 12 dni pa ga bom videl v živo, pošlatal, sedel na njem in se slikal. bom takrat videl če bomo to zimo štunfe filali. :naughty:

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Tudi v Motorradu so potrdili, da bo moč predvidoma znašala 110 KM.

Zaradi tega motorja sem zdaj v veliki dilemi,  naj kupim  Z 750 ali ZRX 1200 R.  Težka odločitev.

Je kdo že zvohal kakšna bo približno cena ?

Meni je Tomaž iz Elise rekel, da največ 100k nad ceno ZR7S, torej do 1,65 mio SIT!

Edited by barkafe

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A new naked is joining the Kawasaki line-up for 2004. Styled along similar lines as the Z1000 the new Z750 should be able to compete on price with machines such as the SV650 Suzuki.

The 748cc liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine is based on the unit used in the Z1000 rather than that of the ZX-7R or ZR-7 and has a unique bore and stroke of 68.4 x 50.9mm.

It is electronically injected and the 34mm throttle bodies scores dual butterfly's. The large Z1000 radiator provides enough cooling for the smaller engine to do away with the need for an oil cooler.

The press blurbs for this model indicate that an all stainless steel exhaust system but the images show that the headers are painted black, which is a little surprising if the headers are stainless.

Kawasaki's new LED based instrumentation also makes an appearance on the Z750. The frame is also based on the Z1000. Conventional 41mm forks handle the bumps up front while a preload and rebound adjustable shock looks after the rear.

Twin piston calipers grip a pair of 300mm discs at the front of the machine and are aided by a 220mm disc at the rear.

Z750 Specifications

Engine - 748cc, liquid-cooled in-line 4

Bore x Stroke - 68.4 x 50.9mm

Compression Ratio - 11.3:1

Valvetrain - DOHC, 16 valves

Induction - Electronic Fuel Injection with 34mm throttle bodies (dual-butterfly)

Gearbox - Six speed

Clutch - Wet, multi-plate

Tyres - 120/70ZR17 (F), 180/55ZR17 ®

Rake - 24.5°

Trail - 104mm

Front Suspension - 41mm telescopic forks

Rear Suspension - Bottom link, uni-trak, 4-way rebound adjustment, 7-way preload

Front Brakes - 300mm discs, twin piston calipers

Rear Brake - 220mm disc with single piston caliper

Length - 2,080mm

Width - 780mm

Height - 1,040mm

Wheelbase - 1,425mm

Ground Clearance - 165mm

Seat Height - 815mm

Dry Weight - 195kg

Fuel Tank - 18 litres

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