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Suzuki GSXR 600


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Keri novi kawi paaa ?????

Mislemmm...suzuki...,ma kaka R6..halo...za moj okus da vse druge šestotake v koš...sploh pa raje ne bi zgubljal besed o 750-tki...dovršeno, vrhunsko, elegantno, prepoznavno,zverinsko močno in obvladljivo....skratka, kot že nekaj časa....SUZUKI OWNS THE RACE TRACK!!!!

P.s. : Ta črn je sploh božanski, pa moder....rumen mi pa še vedno ne potegne...jebemti rumen motor...rdeč more bit !

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KAAAAAAAJJJJJJJJJJ SEDEMNAJST JURJEV....OBRATOVVVV......RAKETAAAA :kva1: :kva1: :kva1: :kva1: :hmm: :hmm: :OK: :OK: :OK: :yea2: :yea2: :yea2: :yea2: :o :yea2: :kva1:

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KAAAAAAAJJJJJJJJJJ SEDEMNAJST JURJEV....OBRATOVVVV......RAKETAAAA :kva1: :kva1: :kva1: :kva1: :hmm: :hmm: :OK: :OK: :OK: :yea2: :yea2: :yea2: :yea2: :o :yea2: :kva1:

R6 ma že nekej časa 18 000 obratov na merilcu, da navš poču... <_< <_< <_<

Mi je pa zelo kuul obrazček nove 750-ke, zgleda kt en Robycop... B) B) :grim

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...jest pa nevem zakaj ne morjo na ss motorje nalimat še tist merivc goriva...ok sej vem da so raceing in supersport in nevem kaj in da nisi zato na motorju da boš gledu kdaj ti benza zmanka ampak grem stavt da bi blo 99% kupcev veselih da bi to mel :hmm:

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nebi rad smetil z še eno novo temo pa bom kr kle vprašu

a ve kdo za kak link z kakimi servisnimi manuali za gsxr600 98letnik

pa lepa hvala za odgovor :D

če bo kakšn :huh: :P

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Še mal datkov! :rtfm:

2004 GSX-R600K4

New Engine:

More compact & lighter weight 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine features several changes to reduce mechanical losses and increase power

New cylinder head with more compact combustion chamber design, higher compression ratio, 2mm larger exhaust ports and narrow 22 degree included valve angle for increased power and acceleration

Lightweight titanium valves with steel alloy springs and aluminum spring retainers - operated by smaller, lighter bucket tappets and thinner-wall hollow camshafts to reduce weight and inertia

Lighter weight forged pistons with chrome-nitride-plated upper compression rings and oil control rings for a harder, more consistent ring finish and reduced friction

Narrower crankshaft main journals to reduce friction, plus shorter and lighter weight chrome-moly steel connecting rods

Hydraulic cam chain tensioner fed by new internal oil passageway system - external oil hose eliminated to reduce weight

New tapered, double-barrel throttle body design features Suzuki's SDTV throttle valve system, plus multi-hole-type injectors for optimum fuel atomization and throttle response

Faster 32-bit ECM with larger ROM memory and new 22 trigger-pole rpm sensor to provide more precise control of fuel and ignition systems - all housed in a smaller/lighter control box

One-piece cylinder block and upper crankcase section is equipped ventilation holes between cylinders to reduce crankcase pressure and reduce mechanical loss

Lightweight stainless steel exhaust system featuring a higher capacity muffler with titanium core pipes and aluminum outer sleeve

Larger oil cooler with 10% more cooling capacity, plus more compact radiator and cooling fan assembly for reduced weight while maintaining optimum cooling capacity

6-speed transmission with closer ratio 5th & 6th gears and high capacity clutch


Distinctive new bodywork features a narrower front fairing with reduced frontal area, plus ram-air intakes moved 20mm closer to center for higher airbox pressure and cylinder charging

Vertical-type multi-reflector headlight, plus compact LED taillight and more aerodynamic turn signals

Compact instrument cluster features a step-motor-driven analog tach, digital LCD speedometer and programmable rpm-indicator light - also includes LED indicators for turn signals, high beam, neutral light, coolant temp., oil pressure, fuel level,

New aluminum frame with extruded main spar design similar to GSX-R1000 for optimum width and rigidity - includes new sub-frame mounting points

Aluminum swingarm with new external brace for increased rigidity

Compact 17-liter fuel tank - 10mm shorter and 20mm narrower at the rider's knees for easier rider movement and weight transition

New inverted Showa cartridge-type front fork with 43mm inner tubes and fully adjustable damping and spring preload

Fully adjustable Showa piggy-back shock absorber with larger diameter shock piston rod for improved damping performance

Radial-mount 4-piston front brake calipers for improved braking performance - calipers are lighter and more efficient allowing for smaller/lighter 300mm rotors - system includes radial piston front master cylinder for improved brake lever feel

Dual-opposed-piston rear brake caliper indexed to the swingarm - eliminates conventional torque arm for further weight reduction

Lightweight cast aluminum wheels and high performance radial tires


Class-leading 600 performance model with increased engine and chassis performance, improved aerodynamics and reduced weight


MSRP: $7,999.00

Engine: 599cc,4-stroke,four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve

Warranty: 12 month unlimited mileage limited warranty.

Bore & Stroke: 67.0 x 42.5mm

Compression ratio: 12.5:1

Fuel System: Fuel Injection

Lubrication: Wet Sump

Ignition: Digital/transistorized

Starter: Electric

Transmission: 6-speed, constant mesh

Final Drive: #525 chain

Overall Length: 2075mm (81.7 in.)

Overall Width: 715mm (28.1 in.)

Overall Height: 1145mm (45.1 in.)

Seat Height: 825mm (32.5 in.)

Ground Clearance: 128mm (5.0 in.)

Wheelbase: 1390mm (54.7 in.)

Dry Weight: 161kg (354.9 lbs.)


FRONT: Cartridge-type, coil spring, fully adjustable spring preload, rebound and compression damping

REAR: Link-type, gas/oil damped, fully adjustable spring preload, compression and rebound damping


FRONT: Dual hydraulic disc

REAR: Single hydraulic disc


FRONT: 120/70-ZR-17

REAR: 180/55-ZR-17

Fuel Tank Capacity: 17 liter (4.5 gal.)

Color: Blue/White, Yellow, Black

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Typ, Zylinderzahl, Kühlsystem : 4-Zylinder, 4-Takt, wassergekühlt

Abgasreinigung : U-Kat + SUZUKI PAIR-System

Hubraum effektiv : 599 cm&#179;

Nennleistung : 88 kW / 13.000 min-1

Max. Drehmoment : 67,6 Nm / 10.800 min-1

Gassteuerung / Ventile : DOHC / 4

Gemischaufbereitung : Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve Benzin-Einspritzung &#248; 38 mm mit Auto-Choke

Getriebe : 6 - Gang

Höchstgeschwindigkeit : über 200 km/h

Sitzhöhe : 825 mm

Trockengewicht : 161 kg

Tankinhalt inkl. Reserve : 17 Liter (Bleifrei Normalbenzin)




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Evo test špagetarskih kolegov :grim - preveden prek net-a :grrr !

With a year of delay regarding the other Japanese constructors, Suzuki has introduced its medium new supersport, GSX-R 600. More powerful, the more fast, lighter and also beautifulr of the old version, it has a difficult task: to face the endowed contenders is on the market is in the world-wide championship Supersport. We have tried in track to Misano and we say to you as it goes. With the alla.vista eye already accustomed of shocking GSX-R 1000, the aesthetic impact of new GSX-R 600 does not not only render justice to the many technical prelibatezze that are hidden under its carene, and. Chassis, suspensions, brakes, motor and electronics are completely new and, observing the motion with attention, but above all recalling to the mind the characteristics of the old version, impossible not to suspect that once in motion new GSX-R 600 is one "belvetta" ready to get loose itself. Suspicion more than founded. After to have inanellato various tens of turns and to have taken more and more confidenza with the "Suzukina" we are returns to you to the box with a smile that nearly exited from the visiera. The data declare do not leave space to you to doubts approximately the nature of means: 161 kg to dry, the maximum power of 120 CV to 13.000 turns and the maximum brace of 7,1 kgm to 10.800 turns. Also the componentistica does not leave indifferent: staple to steles turns upside down to you from 43 completely adjustable milimeter, pliers brake to radial attack and radial pump, chassis in aluminum and forcellone with capriata advanced of I reinforce, arranges of drainage in titanium and aluminum. This only for that it is looked at but "under" and "within" new GSX-R 600 the most advanced technology ago from landlady. But we see as it is behaved in track. With some colpettino of gas to the box before leaving we try to intuire something on the rapidity of the motor in going up of turns. Down the visiera and via. There is a beautiful day with the sun that ago often capolino between clouds but piovuto a lot the previous days and therefore asphalt is a po' to "specks" of humid. During the first turn we take to the measures to the motion and scaldiamo rubbers, then to the first passage on the rectilinear one of the box, "cappottato" wrist and within marce one after the other until before detached. The motor is a portento: full load and to regulate to all the regimes knows them of turns with one entusiasmante progression, without unexpected holes or peaks. The distribution incattivisce one before time to 8.500 turns and then of new to 12.000 turns, and from that moment in then "knows who to you can"? the needle of contagiri schizza towards the red zone the mail to 15.500 turns and it exceeds (limiter to 16.000) in growing from brivido. In so far as the valves in beautiful titanium must have given an aid. The sound of the drainage it is beautifulst, a dark sound to the medium regimes that are transformed by hand in sibilo a hand that they of turns knows itself. GSX-R 600 is yes manageable but also stable. The Suzuki technicians have opted for agile but not extreme geometries of the ciclistica, therefore interasse of 1.400 milimeter, inclination cannotto of 93 steering of 23,25° and avancorsa of milimeter. On the curvoni fast he is planted in trajectory and he communicates great emergency, without for this compromising the rapidity of the inserimenti and of the changes of direction, he facilitates to you also from the good ergonomics, with a tightened tank, rear footrests and high just and the semihandle-bars correctly he tilts to you. This, at least, is those that to us is seemed single using it in track. They have a lot to us impressed also the covers of first equipment, Bridgestone BT014, performanti and indeed guarantor of large grip beyond that remarkable feeling with the front chassis and optimal traction in curve escape. Also the brakes contribute to the optimal rendering of the Suzuki new. The radial attack is perhaps today more a issue than image that a real necessity, but on GSX-R 600 is also the radial pump. This yes a true one chicca from "race retort" because to refraining high power remarkable modulabilità accompanies one that door to detach more and more in here,

MOTOR REDESIGNED WITH VALVES IN TITANIUM The heart of GSX-R 600 is a four cylinders online, cooled to liquid, with double camshaft in head, four valves for cylinder, injection electronic and change to six marce. The measures of bore x race are of 67x42,5 milimeter, for one rolled total of 599,4 cc. The block cylinders is integrated with the advanced part of motor Carter, the canes of the cylinders in aluminum is covered with tested system SCEM (Material electrochemical composite Suzuki). Summary The drive shaft wheel on bearings plans and is posizionato between the advanced part and that median one of Carter, while the trees primary and secondary of the change are place to you behind the drive shaft more low in order to obtain shorter Carter and to render the motor less cumbersome. The new head has more compact combustion chambers with more elevated compression ratio, more rectilinear valves still less slanted and lead than aspiration. The pistons are to flat sky and weigh little. The valves in titanium are commant from new camshafts cables with thinner walls in order to obtain a meaningful reduction of the weight with consequent minor inertia and optimal propensione to turn to regimes elevates to you. The place, heat exchanger acqua/olio between Carter and filter oil to cartridge, is hour more often and encloses 8 passages of cooling rather than 6 with an increase of the cooling ability to 10%. The radiator more is tightened than 40mm (340 milimeter instead of 380mm) and 2 millimeters thinner (22mm against 24mm), but it is higher (248mm against 238mm). The result is an increment of 8% of the cooling ability and a saving of weight of 125 grams. The impeller electrical worker of the radiator is thinner than 4,2 milimeter (19 milimeter rather than 23,2) and 12 milimeter smaller than diameter (160 172 milimeter instead of milimeter). IT ARRANGES OF FEEDING To DIGITAL INJECTION As all the other GSX-R also the 600 use innovative system SDTV (System to Double valve Suzuki Butterfly) to digital injection them. Every farfallato body is equipped of one double butterfly valve in the diffusing culvert. There is a valve main, commant from the grip handle of the accelerator, and a secondary valve mail to mount of first and commant from the control system of the motor - ECM - to means of a small engine step step. With this system rule with greater precision the speed of the air in the lucks to second of the opening of the grip handle of the accelerator, of the turns motor and the inserted march. The system, that it works like a carburetor to depression, serves to produce one more linear and constant answer in the accelerations improving to contempo the efficiency of the combustion. The declared result is an increment of the brace on all the arc of distribution and the reduction of the polluting emissions. The new injectors are of the type fines hole rather than of the type to nozzle with pin and produce one better atomizaton of the fuel. A new system automatic rifle of elevation of minimum AFIS connected to the farfallati bodies facilitates the cold start. System AFIS uses a mechanism that opens both automatically the primary and secondary butterfly valves using like parameter the temperature of the cooling liquid. In order to command the evoluto it arranges of feeding of the GSX-R600, processore (CPU) of telephone exchange (ECM) is hour to 32-bit in place of that one to 16-bit that equipped the previous model. The ECM calculates the fuel volume for the feeding using 8 various maps, two for every cylinder. The telephone exchange commands also the ignition with eight distinguished programs, also here two for every cylinder. A group of maps comes used when the change is found in before, second, third and quarter march, and an other group when they are inserted the fifth and sixth march. The system of drainage 4 in 2 in 1 is made in stainless steel and finishes with a noise suppressor with tubes and inner bulkheads in titanium and a outer cover in aluminum. Also this model is dotat

The system of drainage 4 in 2 in 1 is made in stainless steel and finishes with a noise suppressor with tubes and inner bulkheads in titanium and a outer cover in aluminum. Also this model is equipped del tested system inner Suzuki PAIR that sendes fresh air directly gives it scato it filter al lead of drainage through one valve to lamellare and passages nella head, allowing therefore the oxidation degli hydrocarbons incombusti and reducing the emissions of carbon monoxide

CICLISTICA, AERODYNAMICS, ACCESSORIES And INSTRUMENTATION On GSX-R 600 m.y. 2004 are new forcellone and a perimetrale chassis in aluminum alloy, with a interasse of 1400 milimeter, 24° of inclination cannotto and 93 milimeter of avancorsa. The lateral beams are obtained for extrusion rather than for stamping and welding like the previous ones, these are moreover inner uniforms from a rib that of it follows integrally the length. Summary They are moreover a po' higher and thin regarding the previous elements, they simplify the realization of the structure and, like previously, they come knit to the cannotto of steering and slabs of obtained support of the hinge forcellone for fusion. The redesign of these members has been carried out with the objective tarare the vertical and horizontal rigidity according to a better refrained answer of the chassis in the strong ones and the folds emphasized tuipiche of the guide in circuit. The forcellone it is a combination of extruded elements, like the two arms and the tube in which the hinge slides, of a structure fused integrated with a printed publication cover that connects the arms, and from two particular fused that they support the axis wheel. The structure then is irrobustita from one capriata advanced realized in extruded tubes. The tank is shorter than 15 milimeter and more strait than 20 milimeter to the height of the ginocchia in order to more facilitate the movements of the pilot in the surfs engaged to you that is refrained and curve. The footrests have been drawn near between they of 10 milimeter in order to increase of one degree possible the maximum inclination. Also the distance between the saddleback and the handle-bar is more contained. The aesthetic one is characterized from a new one look, much aggressive one and that it recalls the sisters of greater piston displacement, the 750 and 1000. The fairing has been studied also in function of the aerodynamics and system RAM. Thanks to the light reduction of the width of the chassis, also the superstructures more are tightened and the frontal section that accommodates two new overlapped beacons, concur of riposizionare air inlet of system RAM the neighbor to the axis center them of careen, where the pressure of the air more is elevated. As a result of that has meaningfully grown the pressure to the inside of the air-box especially to the elevated speeds more, with an increment of the inhaled volume and the maximum power. The front optical group is composed from the dazzling advanced lamp of type multireflector, while the inferior is the low-beam headlight. With the dazzling function inserted both the lamps remain ignited. To the posterior one there is a new group to more compact LED. To the inside of the compact analogic-digita instrumentation them there is a signaler to LED that can be programmed to step of 500 turns in order signaling to the pilot the regimen of change march.

SUSPENSIONS And BRAKES GSX-R 600 has a Showa staple to steles turns upside down to you from 43 milimeter and one monoshock-absorber with separate tank of the same one marks. Both the units are completely adjustable. The wheels are fused in light alloy to 3 razze and have channel from 3.50"front and 5.50" the posterior one, with rubbers in the measures 120/70 ZR17 and 180/55ZR17. The pliers brake to radial attack are of the Tokico of derivation racing to 4 pistoncini in aluminum. Also the pump brake is radial and is one Nissin. The greater refraining power has allowed to adopt smaller and light discs brake (300mm) completely floating.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Suzuki GSX-R 600

m.y. 2004


Tipo A quattro cilindri

Ciclo 4 tempi

Raffreddamento Liquido

Alesaggio per corsa 67 x 42,5 mm

Cilindrata 599 cm3

Rapp. di compressione 12,5 ± 0,3 : 1

Potenza max e regime 88,3 kW (120 CV) a 13.000 giri/min

Coppia max e regime 69,6 Nm a 10.800 giri/min

Lubrificazione Con olio nel carter

Avviamento Elettrico

Alimentazione Iniezione

Filtro aria Carta

Carburante Benzina

Accensione Elettronica

Anticipo 6° prima TDC a 1.300 giri/min


Tipo Doppia trave in alluminio

Sospensione anteriore Forcella telescopica con ammortizzatore

Sospensione posteriore Mono ammortizzatore idraulico

Ruota anteriore con pneumatico MT3,50 x 17 M/C

120/70 ZR 17 M/C (58W)

Ruota posteriore con pneumatico MT 5,50 x 17 M/C

180/55 ZR 17 M/C (73W)

Angolo di sterzo ---

Angolo di cannotto 24°

Avancorsa 93 mm


Lunghezza max 2.055 mm

Larghezza max 715 mm

Altezza max 1.150 mm

Interasse 1.400 mm

Altezza min. da terra ---

Peso a secco 176 Kg

Peso in ordine di marcia 190 Kg

Serbatoio carburante 17 ± 0,85

Capacità lubrificante ---


Frizione Multidisco bagno d'olio

Trasmissione primaria Ingranaggi

Rapporti di trasmissione (z = 79/41) r = 1,926

Trasmissione finale A catena

Rapporti di trasmissione (z = 45/16) r = 2,812

Cambio 6 velocità

Rapporti di trasmissione

1° velocità (z = 39/14) r = 2,785

2° velocità (z = 39/19) r = 2,052

3° velocità (z = 37/22) r = 1,681

4° velocità (z = 29/20) r = 1,450

5° velocità (z = 30/23) r = 1,304

6° velocità (z = 26/22) r = 1,181

Rapporti totali di trasmissione

1° velocità r = 15,096

2° velocità r = 11,124

3° velocità r = 9,114

4° velocità r = 7,858

5° velocità r = 7,069

6° velocità r = 6,405


Velocità max 255 km/h


Anteriore 2 dischi da 300mm

Posteriore 1 disco da 220mm


Generatore 12 V - 375 W

Batteria 12 V - 8 Ah


Normativa di riferimento Euro II

CO 0,56 g/km

HC 0,39 g/km

Nox 0,11 g/km

Catalizzatore Si


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Katero olje mi priporočate?

In še: a mi lahko napišete slabosti in "prednosti" tega motorja. Pred nedavnim sem namreč postal njegov lastnik (morda bi bila boljša beseda suženj), pa me malce zanima, če sem se res pravilno odločil.

Prej (2 leti nazaj) sem sicer imel CBR 900 RR - ko, z njo bil IZREDNO zadovoljen, prodal zaradi $$$, zdaj pa zaradi finančnih omejitev pač "nekaj" kupil.

Malce sem ga že preizkusil, je precej podhranjen proti Hondi, zdi se mi, da bo trpela sklopka zaradi večjega števila prestavljanj, in to je to, kar že vem. Veliko pa ne.

Na žalost me je nakup sorodnega prevoznega sredstva preveč izčrpal, sicer bi si vseeno raje privoščil CBR 900 RR letnik 2001,2002....


Hvala za odgovore :D

LP, Noker

Ja, in prav lep pozdrav vsem ... novinec ! :lol1:

Edited by noker
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Akrapovic launches exhausts for ‘04 GSX-R600 :wub:

Akrapovic has launched its new range of end cans and full exhaust systems for the 2004 Suzuki GSX-R600.

The Bolt-On system is the simpler to fit and promises smoother power delivery up to 5000rpm, with a power increase at the top of the rev range. The maximum power at the rear wheel is claimed to increase from 104.4bhp at 13100rpm, to 107.1bhp at 13400.

The new exhaust features a titanium inner perforated sleeve and end cap, with the outer sleeve available in either carbon-fibre or titanium. It fits to the stock bracket using a carbon-fibre clamp and titanium bolts replace the stock items.

The firm are also offering two full systems, with the Evolution 1 available with titanium header piper, and the Racing coming with stainless steel. The Evolution 1 offers a gain of 7bhp, at the rear wheel, up to 110.1bhp at 13,800rpm, from 104.4bhp at 13,100rpm.

Both are made with a new tube-forming technology called Hydroforming, which Akrapovic claims gives a better flow for the exhaust gases.

Both the Racing and Evolution 1 systems are available in titanium or carbon-fibre outer sleeves.

There’s also an Evolution 2 competition system. But at 107dB it’s only suitable for certain races and trackdays



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