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Letos poleti se odločil za nakup Arai RX-7 Corsair Edwards Legend...več kot zadovoljen, sprva me je motilo, da je mičken glasna, ampak ko ujameš tapravo pozicijo na motorju je zakon...skratka, odlična čelada in mi ni žal denarja zanjo :OK:



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SHARK RSR2 Foggy Legend Black Replica


The all new RSR2 brings together all the latest technology made possible by Shark's research. Developed with the best riders and racers in the world, the innovations used on the RSR 2 have led to the birth of an elite top-of-the-line sport helmet.


* Shell made from Carbon/Aramid, multi-directional composite fibers

* 5 different sizes of EPS liner

* 2 shell sizes

* 6 multi-element, internal shock-absorbers with differentiated density

* Airflow directed by integrated ducts

* F1 type, enhanced-safety, 3mm visor

* Dual-treated (anti-scratch/anti-fog) “Total Vision” visor

* "Push One" visor quick-release system using 4 anchor points

* High-flow ventilation system with easy opening ventOptimized anti-fog thanks to "Venturi" side extractors

* Fully adjustable, removable and washable interior using top-of-the-line Coolmax® and Sonitized® fiber

* Ergonomic cheek pads in 3D foam

* Double D-ring, “Racing” chin strap

* Anti-fog mass and chin cover for visor included

* High-performance anti-fog, “Winter” mask included

* Lightest helmet in its class

* Meets or exceeds D.O.T. and ECE 22-05 standards


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Več kot zadovoljen z njo :OK: Že kr nekaj časa. Vredna vsakega $$, in tud naslednja če bo, bo ARAI :yes: Sicer pa model RX7 Corsair replika Mccoy :grim



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Za tebe bi bil boljši tale komad


Kapo dol :worship: :worship: :worship: Bo potrebno sprobat, hihihihi...Ma ni hudica, ce ne zaleze za nekaj-dokaj efektivno, hihihihi, da ne se za kaj drugega :naughty:

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