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Suzuki V Strom

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ALi ze kdo ima to lepoto ?

Zdi se mi prelep motor za potovanja v dvoje, saj sopotnica za mano siguren uziva. Zadeva ni premocna niti presvoh, pravi motor za km. :D

Cena pa ubijalska. :lol:

Ali ima ze kdo kaksne izkusnje z tem motorjem ?

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Nekaj podatkov ki sem jih nabral v avgustovski številki Touren-fahren, kjer je primerjalni test Varadero, GS in V-strom.

max hitrost : 208km/h, v dvoje 205

0-100 km/h: 3,7 s


50-120 km/h: 6,9 s , v dvoje 9.4 s

poraba: 130km/h 6.1l

rezervar : 22l

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Ena majhna zmešnjava: :? Al prav se piše V-Strom, al' V-Storm. No saj je vseeno.

Prilagam nekaj podatkov iz revije Motorrad - primerjalni test 1000cc endur:

Pozor: Videli boste, da ima Suzuki najboljši DURCHZUG. Ta naj bi se meril v najvišji prestavi, ampak pri Suzukiju so ga izmerili v 5. (in ne v 6.). To pa zato, ker je 6. predolga - teoretično doseže 292km/h.



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Član od: nedelja, 18.11.2001 17:52

Objav: 11

Kraj: Fiji

Objavljeno: 10 dec 2002 00:12 Zadeva: Suzki V Storm ??


Ali je morda kdo od vas že kupil (ali vsaj vozil) Suzuki V-Storm , rad bi dobil malo bolj podrobne informacije od kakšnega lastnika , vozne lastnosti, kako se kaj obnaša na daljših turah solo (2 osebi+prtljaga) ......... Nekaj sem sicer že bral o tem v tujih revijah, mene pa bolj zanima kakšna domača beseda


uživaj dokler še lahko !!

Nazaj na vrh



Član od: ponedeljek, 14.05.2001 12:50

Objav: 4323

Kraj: Celje

Objavljeno: 10 dec 2002 00:19 Zadeva:


Nismo že enkrat ugotovili, da je V-strom in ne V-storm



Nazaj na vrh



Član od: torek, 26.03.2002 13:18

Objav: 351

Kraj: Trbovlje

Objavljeno: 10 dec 2002 08:25 Zadeva:


V strom je. Preverjeno na:




Nazaj na vrh



Član od: nedelja, 17.02.2002 16:18

Objav: 305

Kraj: Rann an der Save

Objavljeno: 10 dec 2002 08:26 Zadeva:


Poglej si reklamo na Eurosportu Mislim, da veliko pove

Sedaj pa zares. Osebno ga žal nisem peljal (le sedel sem na njemu), ker lastnika nisem mogel prepričati, da bi ga preiskusil (motor je imel 0 km, ga je prišel šele iskat k prodajalcu in so se mu preveč svetile oči, da bi bil pripravljen posoditi motor, pa še neregistriran je bil).

Osebno mi je motor zalo všečen, mislim da je dobra izbira za tiste, ki se jim dopadejo endure.


Takšen pač sem! Spremeniti me ne morete !

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Zraven slik pa piše nekaj takega:

Other rumours circulate with insistence on what awaits us side from Honda and Suzuki for 2003: a CBR 600 RR of 163 kg provided with an exhaust under the saddle, a roadster Suzuki SV 1000 and...

After Kawasaki, it is around the Honda to reveal some their characteristics. Thus, if it is not any more one secrecy which the future CBR 600 RR will take again the look of the RC 211 V of MotoGP, our American fellow-members indicate to us that it would take again also the same type of back design, namely an exhaust dissimulated under the splash plate. Here are which obliges to completely re-examine the suspension to leave sufficient space... With this intention, the monoamortissor from now on would be assembled vertically and associated a very massive arm oscillating. The drawing of the suspension would allow the use of springs plus softwares, for a more precise behavior. On the other hand, the CBR 600 RR would preserve a traditional fork, a model reversed being considered to be too rigid for this category. Side figures, the motor bike would be promised for 163 kg dry, that is to say 5 kg less than the model 2002. Like Kawasaki, Honda could offer a more economic version of this pure pistarde.

Other sources would indicate that the news Suzuki Gsx-r 1000 would provide 5 CH additional for 5 kg in less. It would be also completely redrawn...

The 600 would be improved little, the 750 would evolve/move especially side preparing. Moreover, Motorcycledaily had fun with photomonter other Suzuki innovations among the most awaited. Their roadster SV 1000 on basis V twin TL 1000 has proud pace, even if it is sure that Suzuki will not use any more this part-cycle and its so much décrié rotary shock absorber. On the other hand, trail DL 650 equipped with V twin of the SV 650 would undoubtedly be much more close to the truth.

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Ta motor nima veze z TA oz. z enduro klaso!!

LP Bobo B)


Mogoče dela Suzuki samemu sebi konkurenco (Bandit)... :xx:

No ja, čeprav tudi Transalpa, Pegaso in podobni, niso več podobni "enduram"...

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Dvomim da bo mel konjev toliko kot SV, če bi pri hondi razmišljali tako im bi imela TA mašino od hornet 600............

Pomoje bo imela malo več kot 50 km...

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2004 V-Strom 650:

Based on the hugely successful DL1000 V-Strom, Suzuki proudly presents the 2004 Suzuki DL650 VStrom. With the best attributes of its big brother, the DL650 combines the versatility of the DL1000 in a middleweight package that delivers nimble on-road performance with highway comfort and range.

Even parked on its side stand, the V-Strom 650 looks ready for adventure touring. It comes with a sporty front fairing to deflect the wind and riding position is designed with comfort in mind. Seat height is set at a low 32.5 inches (825mm) and the saddle blends smoothly into the ample 5.8-gallon (22.5 liter) fuel tank. Wind protection for the V-Strom 650 is particularly unique. Designed to reduce turbulence for riders of all shapes and sizes, an adjustable windscreen covers a vertical range of 50mm and can be angled differently as its raised or lowered.

The DL650s compact instrument cluster includes: an analog speedometer and tachometer; digital LCD, odometer, tripmeter, coolant temperature gauge, fuel gauge; and LED neutral, turn signal and high beam indicator lights along with an oil pressure warning light.

The 2004 Suzuki V-Strom 650 sport enduro tourer built for fun, ready for the adventure.

Key Features

New mid-size adventure tourer designed for versatile on-road performance with low seat height, wind protection and all-day comfort

Engine Features

SV650-based 645cc 90 degree V-twin, DOHC 8-valve, liquid-cooled engine with revised cam profile and 4% more crankshaft inertia for stronger low-to-mid-range power

Electronic fuel injection features the Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve System (SDTV) - maintains optimum air velocity in the intake tract for smooth low-to-mid rpm throttle response

Auto Fast Idling System (AFIS), automatically sets throttle valve opening during cold engine starts by monitoring coolant temperature

Digital ignition system provides optimum ignition timing with separate maps for each cylinder

Lightweight shim-under-bucket valve system operates 31mm intake and 25.5mm exhaust valves, plus valve timing with emphasis on low-rpm power

SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electro-chemical Material) plated cylinders minimize cylinder size and improve heat dissipation

Smooth shifting 6-speed transmission with cable operated clutch - final drive ratio lowered from SV650 for improved low rpm performance

High-efficiency liquid cooling system for optimum engine operating temperature - includes compact oil cooler

Plastic outer clutch cover and engine sprocket cover for reduced weight and noise

High-mounted stainless steel exhaust system with aluminum muffler tuned to enhance engine torque and low-to-midrange performance

PAIR - air injection system reduces CO and HC emissions - California model equipped with catalyst in exhaust to further reduce emissions

Chassis Features

Slim and compact front fairing for maximum wind protection, plus large comfortable seat - fairing includes large multi-reflector 60/55W headlights

Compact step-motor speedometer and tachometer with LED illumination, plus LCD display for twin tripmeters, odometer temperature gauge, fuel gauge and digital clock

Height-adjustable windshield for maximum wind protection and comfort - can be manually adjusted to three positions in a 50mm vertical range

Large rear luggage rack with rubber-padded platform to help keep bags and luggage in place

Aluminum twin-spar frame and aluminum swingarm are lightweight, compact and rigid - bolt-on sub-frame simplifies maintenance

Preload-adjustable 43mm front fork for a comfortable ride under all riding conditions

Link-type rear suspension features a single shock absorber with adjustable rebound damping and a knob-operated hydraulic preload adjuster for easy adjustment

Dual front disc brakes with large 310mm rotors and twin-piston calipers, plus single-disc rear brake with 260mm rotor and single-piston caliper

Lightweight cast aluminum wheels - F: 2.50 x 19 with 110/80R-19 radial tire, R: 4.0 x 17 with 150/70R-17 rear tire

Large 5.8 gallon fuel tank for long-range operation


Engine: 645cc, four-stroke, liquid cooled, 90 degree V-twin, DOHC, 8-valves

Bore Stroke: 81.0 x 62.6mm

Compression Ratio: 11.5:1

Fuel System: Fuel Injection

Lubrication: Wet sump

Ignition: Digital/Transistorized

Starter: Electric

Transmission: 6-speed

Final Drive: #530 chain

Overall Length: 2290mm (90.2 in.)

Overall Width: 840mm (31.9 in.)

Overall Height: 1390mm (54.7 in.)

Seat Height: 820mm (32.3 in.)

Wheel Base: 1540mm (60.6 in.)

Ground Clearance: 165mm (6.5 in.)

Dry Weight: 189kg (417 lbs.)

Suspension Front: Telescopic, cartridge-type, oil damped, adjustable preload

Suspension Rear: Link-type, adjustable spring preload and rebound damping

Brakes Front: Dual hydraulic disc

Brakes Rear: Single hydraulic disc

Tires Front: 110/80R-19

Tires Rear: 150/70R-17

Fuel Tank Capacity: 22 liter (5.8 gal.)

...pa še cena... v zda 6.600$ kar je 300$ več kot sv650s

Lp -pero- :)

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hmmm SV jev agregat SV ima okoli 75 konjev če se ne motim :hmm: ta je malo prirejen, torej 65 :hmm: ??

72 konjičkov... SV mislim.

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...en od novinar je bil v članku navdušen da ma sv-jevo mašino in da se mu rdeš polje začne pr 10.500rpm kar je kar dost za enduro in naj bi nakazval da bo mel kar bliz sv-jevi čredi

če ena mal večja slikca...


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In kaj je s Freewindom? Ja vem, je enocilindraš in ni popolnoma primerljiv z novim V-Strom-om, pa vendarle. Kot mi je poznano itaq ni (bil) preveč prodajno uspešen.

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Vizualno mi je ušeč podatki me pa tako ali tako ne zanimajo ,ker je pač dosti motorjev ki bi jih imela pred tem.Če pa bi bila enduro fenica pa bi bil verjetno prvi na spisku

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Milo rečeno........grd je!!! :unsure: :wacko:

Zakaj ne morjo ene samosvoje (beri nove zanimive) oblike narest ampak sam Storma kopirajo???

Ciao,by Pero

Edited by pero

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Milo rečeno........grd je!!! :unsure:  :wacko:

Zakaj ne morjo ene samosvoje (beri nove zanimive) oblike narest ampak sam Storma kopirajo???

Ciao,by Pero

...ali drugače rečeno...

Zakaj ne morjo za cbr1000 ene samosvoje (beri nove zanimive) oblike narest ampak sam cbr600 kopirajo???

Zakaj ne morjo za z750 ene samosvoje (beri nove zanimive) oblike narest ampak sam z1000 kopirajo???

Zakaj ne morjo za Ducati749s ene samosvoje (beri nove zanimive) oblike narest ampak sam Ducati999s kopirajo???

Zakaj ne morjo za sv650s ene samosvoje (beri nove zanimive) oblike narest ampak sam sv1000s kopirajo???

...pero ker "big brother" "little brother" kombinacija še zmeraj in povsod tržno uspela in to pravzaradi oblikovnih in tehničnih podobnosti modelov znotraj hiše ;)

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